The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

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Do you ever have a day that just doesn’t go your way? I’ve been sewing all day, and with the exception of one thing, all my other projects have not gone well.

What did go well? I put put a very tiny design wall, and finished sashing my small January Lucky Stars BOM. I put all four up so I could see them together. I think it’s working!

The first four

Then? I tried to work on a x and + block. That went south quickly. First I had crooked seams, so out came the seam ripper. Then, once I finally got it together and put it on the design wall next to the first one did I see the mistakes. One corner block is totally backwards, and the two blocks that make the + are backwards! Oops! The seam ripper will have to come out tomorrow, I think.


I should have taken the hint, but I plowed ahead on the first of the Pile O’ Fabric Skill Builder BOM. I thought it was going pretty well. I didn’t have too many crooked seams, and everything seemed to be going good. Then I got out the ruler to trim it down… Not only is it not 12.5″ square, it’s 12″ on the bottom and only 11″ on the top! I’m going to have to devise a fix – maybe trim it to 11″ wide and add more sashing to bring it out to 12.5″? Yikes. Any ideas on how to fix it?

First block

carlaThe terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day
  • Anne

    Oh man, that plus & x block, I have SO BEEN THERE. I feel your pain!!

    For the skill builder BOM block, if it’s not too late, you might consider just adding another strip of color/black to the left or right, then trimming down. Mine all ended up being slightly under 12.5″ (I am probably not doing a perfectly scant 1/4″ seam) but I figure the thick borders leave room for some slop. :)

    Oh yah, I’m in the lucky stars BOM as well! I really like the way you’re doing the one big and one small!

    • modern bias

      Thanks for the idea! I didn’t even think about just adding another strip or two. I’ll do that. I’ve been so busy with work I have touched anything. I managed to get the x and + ripped apart but not back together.

      Thanks also for the compliment on my lucky stars blocks! I’m excited to see how more of them turn out! I am really liking paper piecing. To me it’s almost less precise because as long as you sew on the lines it will turn out. I can work with that!