A fine line

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There’s a fine line between ambitious and overcommitted. Ask me how I know.

Three of my friends have had or are having babies in the next month or two. Four children all together. Of course I offered to make a baby quilt for each of them – and they all took me up on it. And, if you know me at all, you know I am never satisfied with an easy answer.

So for the first one I finally decided on a classic pattern – the kaleidoscope. It’s a really interesting pattern because depending on how you lay out the fabrics the block can totally disappear.

Kaleidoscope QAL // 6" paper pieced blocks Orange, red, yellow with low volume background.

How the block goes together

Kaleidoscope QAL // 6" paper pieced blocks Orange, red, yellow with low volume background.

How they look offset

I found some great instructions at Don’t Call Me Betsy’s blog from a couple of years ago. She hosted a Kaleidoscope Quilt Along which makes 12 inch blocks. I thought that might be too big to get the effect I wanted. I then found a paper pieced pattern for 6″ blocks.

One of the upsides to a 6″ block is I could use many of the charm squares I received from the Low Volume Charm Swap 2. I also cut into the fabric I received from the Text Me fat quarter swap. You have to be a little careful as there are a ton of weird bias edges, but the four larger triangles in each half are made up of a HST cut from a 5″ charm, while the 2 smaller triangles are made from quarter square triangles again from a 5″ charm.

By my calculations I need to make 63 blocks — 126 half-blocks. I have about 36 half-blocks done so far. I figured out I can chain piece about 10 per hour, so only 9 more hours of paper piecing left ahead of me… Hopefully I can get this wrapped up in the next few days so I can put it all together and quilt it this weekend.

Here’s some of my progress so far:



6 blocks done as of last night

Kaleidoscope QAL progressA stack of papers, fabric, and a stack of finished blocks ready for trimming. And a laptop with spotify for entertainment!

Since it might be smart for me to dial back the ambition a little bit, do you have a suggestion for an easier baby quilt pattern? Thanks!

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