Missing: sewing mojo

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I’m having massive designer’s block right now and it is incredibly frustrating. I have a few projects in progress, but nothing I’m really loving, and nothing that feels really creative. I guess 5 quilts and a pillow in two months really took it out of me.

I’ve had a few ideas – a 60 degree diamond and strip set quilt that I think could be cool, but I can’t figure out the math, which is super frustrating. I have no idea how to figure it out.

This book has been interesting to look at but I don’t have any concrete ideas.
Quilt porn from the library

I may also be putting too much pressure on myself – I’m a federal employee and I’m being furloughed this summer for a total of 11 days due to Sequestration. One day per week starting in July I’ll be off from work, unpaid. It’s a 20% pay cut, but I gain a day per week to work on projects. I have plenty of fabric, so I should be able to make some serious progress – I just don’t have projects to make progress on, really!

I always work better when I have a big list of to-do’s – I hate having “nothing to do” so when the list gets low I tend to peter out a little bit. Right now this is all that’s on my plate:

  • Flying Geese for Sarah (queen sized, need to maybe order more shot cottons, and a white on black print)
  • do. Good Stitches Nurture Circle (only have 2 sets of blocks in so far, so I can’t do anything on this until I get them all in .)
  • My “green” quilt (lots of green fabrics pulled, a ruler obtained this weekend [thanks Amy!], needs to be drafted and sizes figured out etc.)
  • Quilt for my niece (about 50% pieced, back purchased, have batting so it should go quickly if I got on it, but it isn’t “due” until Christmas)
  • Quilt for my nephew (pieced, back needs piecing, batting/binding purchased, just needs to be quilted, again “due” at Christmas)
  • Quilt for my sister (not sure, if I did it, would be for Christmas)
  • Catch up on paper pieced stars for Lucky Stars BOM
  • Quilt for my friend’s daughter who just graduated high school (haven’t talked to her about colors or anything, so no design yet.)
  • Quilt for my boss who’s wife is having a baby (Nothing designed, not sure if I can even do it based on gift rules.)

It -seems- like a lot, but they all feel stalled to me right now. Just to make progress I guess I could finish the quilt for my niece, make binding for that and the one for my nephew, and then quilt the two.

I just want my sewing mojo back. Any ideas for feeling creative again?


P.S. On another note, thanks to Anna and the DC Modern Quilt Guild for the retreat this weekend. I came for a few hours Saturday and Sunday and messed around on the computer and talked. It was good to get out of the house, even if I didn’t get anything concrete designed.


carlaMissing: sewing mojo