Work In Progress Wednesday: Time for a new list

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I think it might be time for a new list! I was able to get all three quilt tops off to the long armer, including Cascade! I was thinking of writing a tutorial or pattern for Cascade, but I think it might be too simple. What do you think?

Cascade finished quilt top

Cascade finished quilt top

I also finished my July bee block for do. Good Stitches. It came out a bit wonky and I’m not happy about that, but it’s in the mail so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it is usable.

Nurture do. Good Stitches

And I finished piecing the top for the June do. Good Stitches quilt!

Nurture do. Good Stitches June completed quilt top

Nurture do. Good Stitches June completed quilt top

Everyone did a phenomenal job! The points line up perfectly throughout and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously amazing work everyone!  I still need a name for this quilt. Any suggestions?

Now, this is all that’s left:

  1. Piece Nurture Circle quilt back, baste it, and get it quilted on my domestic machine 8/15 (it’s possible it will happen this weekend, but I don’t want to make any promises.)
  2. Piece Flying Geese quilt, back, and get it off to the long armer 8/31
  3. Work on 100 quilts for Kids! 9/30
  4. Baby quilt for boss 10/31

I have several ideas for 100 Quilts for Kids including a 48″ Swoon, a super sized scrap vomit, some wonky stars, and who knows what else. These will be small quilts – approximately 40″x50″ up to 60″x60″ so I should be able to knock a few out. I resorted my fabric last night to get a better sense of what I have. When I gathered it I pretty much just threw it in a box. Now I have a better idea of what I have and what I can make. These are going to be a great set of quilts.

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carlaWork In Progress Wednesday: Time for a new list
  • Kate G

    Love the flying geese layout! Great work.

    • modern bias

      Thanks! Any ideas for a name?

      • Kate G

        I was brainstorming last night and all I could come up with were goofy: Oh the Places You’ll Go, Misdirection, Courtship of a Goose, Gander’s Game…

        • modern bias

          I love Gander’s Game haha! I’ll have to think more about it.

  • Deb Stambaugh

    I love seeing those geese flying every which way!

    • modern bias


  • Abby .

    I just LOVE your cascade – such beautiful fabrics! And whoever gets your do. Good Stitches quilt will adore it – so pretty!

    • modern bias

      Aw, you are extremely sweet, thank you!

  • Jessica Hadden

    Oh, I adore those geese in flight!