Work in Progress Wednesday: Injuries

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I had a slow week after hurting myself taking quilt photos this past weekend.

I was able to get my HST’s and flying geese done for the Star Surround QAL, and I finished the Nurture Circle quilt before I got hurt.

HSTs for star surround

Flying geese for star surround

In addition, I was able to do step one of the flying geese for the flying geese quilt, but cutting and sewing more will have to wait.

AND my preorders of Waterfront Park and Briar Rose came on Monday! Beth from Stash Modern Fabric on Etsy is awesome and included a really cute tape measure to go with! I regret not getting some of the prints but actually I want more yardage of the ones I didn’t order so it will work out. I’m thinking I need a triangle print skirt or a reflections skirt.

Another fabulous shipment from Stash Modern Fabric!

Here’s my list:

  1. Bind and label Nurture Circle quilt
  2. Make HSTs & flying geese for Star Surround
  3. Make no waste flying geese for flying geese quilt (Step 1 complete)
  4. Piece Flying Geese top, back, and get it off to the long armer 8/31
  5. Nurture Circle blocks for do. Good Stitches 8/31
  6. Work on 100 quilts for Kids! 9/30
  7. Baby quilt for boss 10/31

I also finally bought myself a copy of 5500 Quilt Block Designs and have been going through it looking for more inspiration. I like big-block quilts so that’s what I’ve had my eye on – blocks that would work well scaled up. I had the book checked out from the library for a few months so I’m glad I finally have my own copy.

It is a bit frustrating though since the book has no instructions, just drawings of finished blocks. Figuring out how to make some of them is confusing. I’m starting to wonder if I should also pick up a book on Farmer’s Wife quilts since the techniques might be similar and it might help me figure out how to make some of the blocks I’m not sure of.

Lastly a bit of good news – it seems my furlough has been cut from 11 days to 6 days, so I only have two more days of unpaid leave to work with. This Friday I’ll be spending it with Nicole at Finch Sewing Studio learning to make a tank top. Next Friday? More sewing! It does put some pressure on me though as I won’t have as much time to work on 100 Quilts for Kids as I had hoped. Once my wrist is feeling better I’ll have to focus on evening sewing again instead of just weekends.

Reminder: Keep an eye out for a Cascade process post / tutorial on Friday!

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carlaWork in Progress Wednesday: Injuries
  • hydeeann

    Oh, ouch! Hope you recover and get back into the swing of things soon. I love the idea of up scaling blocks. Good luck with the geometry. Maybe the farmers wives will help, like you said.