Work in Progress Wednesday: Slow and Steady

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Since I got hurt a couple of weeks ago I haven’t made a ton of progress. Lots of little things (and one big-ish thing!) but not a lot of substantial progress.

I worked on the Star Surround QAL. I’m very glad I’m only doing one 48″ block – any more and I wouldn’t be able to keep up. There are a lot of steps per block. I finished the center, corners, and surround in the last couple of weeks.


Star surround center

Star surround


Of course after I got hurt I got the urge to just MAKE SOMETHING, so I started on these four blocks. They aren’t great since I was a little loopy from the painkillers, but it felt good to be making. I sashed the blocks with scrappy charm squares.

I made my charm square stash from the box of fabric I set aside for charity quilting last month. As I’ve been feeling up to it over the last couple of weeks I’ve been cutting everything down into charm squares. There’s a lot of fabric that I’m sort of over, some stuff I got in swaps I’m not crazy about, and some really awesome fabric from the scrap dump, Amy, and my own stash. I think having “good” fabric mixed with fabric I’m not crazy about helps me use the fabric I’m not crazy about, and the scrappy feeling means pretty much everything goes.

I finished the top, and back, and got it basted, quilted, and the binding attached between Friday morning and noon Saturday so I would have hand work for the guild meeting on Saturday afternoon. It was a little crazy to be honest, but I’m glad I did it. I finished the binding Saturday night. I’ll have a full post tomorrow showing off the finished product!


Scrappy 100 quilts for kids

Quilting my quilt for kids!

Quilt for kids sneak peek


I marked and pinned the next step for the flying geese quilt I’m working on. This has been difficult since I have had a wrist brace on for the last two weeks, severely limiting my dexterity. I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder on Monday morning which has helped significantly, allowing me to take off the brace.


Slow going


I decided to take a gander at the fabrics I had put aside for my “green quilt”. I’ve decided on the Swell pattern by Camille Roskelly from her new book Simply Retro. The blocks look like this: I’m planning on an 8×8 layout which means I could have up to 512 different fabrics if I chose. I counted, and I currently have 92.

Luckily for the pattern I need about one charm square per fabric if I go completely scrappy (512 fabrics) so I may ask around to see if anyone has any greens they can part with. Amy says I need more – especially “darks”. The “background” will be white so I may end up culling some of the lightest fabrics as well. (After all, more is more, right?)


Fabric for my "green" quilt


Lastly, speaking of charm squares I laid out two quilts based on Katy Jones’ Scrap Vomit design for 100 Quilts for Kids. They should be pretty quick once I can get to them. I’ve decided all my quilts for this drive will be sent to My Very Own Blanket, the charity my circle of do. Good Stitches supports. They provide quilts to foster kids.


Scrap Vomit for 100 Quilts for Kids #1

Scrap Vomit for 100 Quilts for Kids #2


I took Monday and Tuesday off for my birthday so I’m hoping I will feel better and the cortisone keeps working so I can get a lot accomplished – especially the flying geese quilt top done. Once the geese are made I just need to figure out an order for the geese, do some math, and cut the background pieces. Not too hard, I hope.

I’m also running out of time to get my do. Good Stitches blocks done for the month, so those need to get pushed to the top of the list as well.

So that’s that. Lots of little things, nothing too major. Linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced!

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carlaWork in Progress Wednesday: Slow and Steady
  • knottygnome

    so many beautiful projects!

    • modern bias

      Thank you! I wish I had more progress to show, but slow and steady gets it done!

  • Wombat Quilts

    I love the scrappy kids quilts. They are so much fun. Some kids is going to love looking at all those amazing fabrics.