WIP Wednesday: FMQ!

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I’m happy to report that I have begun to learn the art of free motion quilting! Leaning FMQ so I could quilt my own quilts was the main reason I bought my Janome 8900. Compared to the Pfaff I was also considering, FMQ was a breeze both at the show, and now at home. I knew if there was much of a learning curve I probably wouldn’t want to do it. The Pfaff I tested at the show had major eye-lashing / tension problems – probably “normal” since I’m a beginner, but the Janome had no such issue. I had a bit of a bumpy start, but the stitch quality looks phenomenal even if the lines are somewhat wonky and some of the stitches are shorter or longer than others.

I’m calling this quilt “rainbow-esque”. It is destined to become a charity quilt for Project Night Night where you stuff a bag with a quilt, stuffed animal, and book for kids who come in to shelters for various reasons. I tried to pick fabrics that I thought would be fun for a kid – not too girly or masculine, but some of both so it would work for anyone; and then I arranged them in vaguely rainbow order.

I based the quilting pattern on the Dogwood Quilting that’s been going around blogland recently. My flowers are more rounded than the examples I’ve seen, but that’s ok for a first try. Some of my flowers are more or less wonky than others, but overall I think the FMQ turned out pretty well honestly. Not bad for a real first try, and I think it is something I will enjoy doing.

Rainbow-esque charity quilt

Rainbow-esque quilted

Rainbow-esque quilted

Rainbow-esque quilted

Rainbow-esque back quilted


I have managed to sign myself up for yet another charity quilt – this time a Zelda-themed quilt to support a charity called Child’s Play. It will be auctioned at the Music and Gaming Festival (MAGFest) in early January.

I’m thinking I want to do a pixel quilt but I don’t know how big and how complex I want to get. I guess it depends on how quickly I can finish the small plates quilt. I have a rather-complex image of Link that I’d like to do, but it might not be possible in time. A less-ambitious project is probably the smarter move, but we’ll have to see if my rational brain wins out. :)

Here’s the rest of my list:

  1. Baste and quilt Amy’s Project Night Night quilt – 11/11
  2. Baste and quilt my Project Night Night quilt – 11/11 (done!)
  3. 121 block Small Plates – 11/31 (blocks half done)
  4. Design January do. Good Stitches quilt – 12/31 (we switched dates so I’m no longer on deck)
  5. Gamer / Zelda-themed charity quilt for MAGFest auction to support Child’s Play – 12/31
  6. Wedding quilt – 2/28 (This is very late, but no real deadline – I am anxious to cut into my nani iro though!)
  7. Wedding quilt – 6/14
  8. “Green quilt” for me  – no deadline (began cutting – 60/512 print pairs cut, need to decide on a solid)

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carlaWIP Wednesday: FMQ!
  • http://madfabriholic.wordpress.com/ Samantha

    That’s a lovely quilt, sure to brighten up a child’s rough night. Good luck with the FMQ- that’s something I’m still struggling with myself.

    • http://www.modernbias.com modern bias

      Thanks! That’s exactly what I was thinking making this quilt – bright and happy to cheer up what could be the worst night in a kid’s life. I hope I achieved that. The FMQ is way easier on this machine than the others I tried at the quilt show. It was a bit above my budget but it makes a huge difference.

  • Yvonne Campbell

    Who needs a rational brain…I love the colors in that quilt. I think the free motion is good. I always tend to get the hang of it when the quilt is almost done. I love that you are crossing off the list. Love doing that on my lists too.

    • http://www.modernbias.com modern bias

      Thanks! I did find that to be true – getting the hang of it as I was getting to the end of the FMQ. Hopefully it will be faster next time! Haha for crossing things off – I always seem to add more to the list every time I cross something off!

  • Wombat Quilts

    Love the quilting. Love the fun fussy cuts. This is an adorable quilt.

    • http://www.modernbias.com modern bias

      Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate it!

  • Rebecca Ruch

    The quilting made me smile. Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.modernbias.com modern bias

      Thanks for the compliment! Glad you like it!

  • Jessie Aller

    It really is a nice cheerful quilt! I would like to hear more about this charity- is it a national group? Anyway, I think I’m about to jump into free-motioning myself, nice to know someone else out there is just starting, too!

    • http://www.modernbias.com modern bias

      Thanks. Here’s the link to the charity: http://projectnightnight.org they work with shelters all over the country: http://projectnightnight.org/Shelters.html

      I found FMQ much easier than I thought it would be, but I do think a lot of that has to do with the machine. I tested a Pfaff at the quilt show and had horrible eyelashing and tension issues, but the 8900 on auto tension compensates a lot. Having a good tool helps significantly. :)

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  • carla

    Thanks so much!