WIP Wednesday: Not enough hours in the day

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I’m at the point where there aren’t enough hours in the day between my day job, prepping for MAGFest, packing for a weekend trip, and sewing. We even had a “snow day” yesterday, but really I had to telework instead of sew all day.

Friday I was home and managed to get labels put on to my Nurture Circle Swap Item and my Bigger Small Plates quilt. I trudged through the rain on Friday to get the Bigger Small Plates and a couple of other quilts in the mail and off to their new homes for the holidays. The swap item and some fabric for my aunt are also in the mail. Phew.

Nurture circle swap item

Bigger small plates

Bigger small plates

I had originally planned to sew all weekend but I decided at the last minute to attend the DC Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Saturday and wow am I glad I did. There are some great opportunities coming our way including a gallery show! I’m excited, but it means I have a lot of work to do and no time to do it in – the deadlines are all in quick succession.

On Sunday I was able to quilt my Link quilt (all bottom left to top right to echo the sword) and get the binding made and attached on the first side. I’m still debating whether to hand attach or machine attach the second side. I have some black thread now (thanks Amy!) so I could do it by machine. I know by hand is the “right” way to do it, but see the title of the post – not enough hours in the day.

Outside shots of my recent works.

Also on Sunday I started to make progress on a “for me” project which morphed into two projects. I started cutting up some Robert Kaufman Essex Linen in yarn dyed black for cloth napkins but I hadn’t pre washed it. I decided that maybe I should prewash the fabric first, so I took the rest of the yardage and washed and cut that. I was trying to emulate the look of some napkins I found on Pinterest but I didn’t have much luck with my overcasting foot and stitch. It kept bunching up and I had to rip a lot of thread. I ended up just doing a simple double fold and some topstitching.

First two cloth napkins

With the unwashed but already cut leftovers from the Essex Linen I decided it would look amazing with Briar Rose, and wow was I right. I made a simple Giant Star (idea from Jeni Baker). I want to add some borders and make it bigger – this might be my entry into the gallery show if it comes out the way I think it will. I need to order more Essex Linen and the orange bee fabric from Briar Rose (For backing and/or binding – love that coral-y red and the big repeat.)

Outside shots of my recent works.

Here’s my list this time around.

  1. Design and yardage requirements for a special, secret project (12/15)
  2. Link charity quilt for MAGFest auction to support Child’s Play – 12/31 (in progress needs binding finished and a label)
  3. Gallery quilt (Briar Rose Giant Star?) – 1/15
  4. Wedding quilt – 2/28 (This is very late, but no real deadline – I am anxious to cut into my nani iro though!)
  5. Wedding quilt – 6/14
  6. “Green quilt” for me  – no deadline (began cutting – 60/512 print pairs cut, need to decide on a solid)

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    I love LINK! What a fun quilt.

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      Thank you! Sorry for the delay in responding!