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As I mentioned, I was in Michigan for the long weekend so not a lot of sewing got done, however I did get my design chosen and submitted for a secret project. Keeping my fingers crossed – I’m so excited!

I ended up doing my binding a little bit backwards on the Link quilt. Usually if I know I’m going to machine bind the quilt I attach to the back and topstitch down from the front  so any wonkyness is hidden in the back. Unfortunately I had a crazy idea that I would have time to hand bind the quilt so I attached to the front instead. That isn’t going to happen, so I had to topstitch down on the back meaning the bobbin thread is on the top of the quilt. Most of it is at or near the ditch so I think it will be OK, but it isn’t perfect and I’m kind of kicking myself for doing it this way.

I did try the Red Pepper Quilts method where you pin or clip the binding to the back and stitch in the ditch from the front but I couldn’t get it to catch the back of the binding consistently so I had to rip it all out.  Any advice on making that work is appreciated. I use 2.5″ double-fold binding and it seems like it either way too much on when folded over or not enough (more commonly not enough). I know it has everything to do with seam allowance when attaching the binding – I just haven’t hit that sweet spot yet.

In any case I just need to sew the label and then give it a wash and a photoshoot.

Label for Link Pixel Quilt

I did get some fun mail last night – the fabric my friend Jen bought in Japan has finally arrived! There are some neat prints of fairy tale characters with German text. I’m excited by the possibilities. These are definitely on the more cutesy side of Japanese fabrics but I’m sure they will get put to good use.

Japanese Fabrics

Here’s my list this time around.

  1. Design and yardage requirements for a special, secret project (12/15)
  2. Link charity quilt for MAGFest auction to support Child’s Play – 12/31 (in progress needs a label, a wash, and a photoshoot)
  3. Gallery quilt (Briar Rose Giant Star?) – 1/15
  4. Mend HST Journey and wash to submit to Gallery – 1/15
  5. Wedding quilt – 2/28 (This is very late, but no real deadline – I am anxious to cut into my nani iro though!)
  6. Wedding quilt – 6/14
  7. “Green quilt” for me  – no deadline (began cutting – 60/512 print pairs cut, need to decide on a solid)

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    you are one busy girl!! love that text fabric

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