WIP Wednesday: Nani Iro take 1

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Over the last week or so I’ve taken these two lovely groups of fabric and turned them into a pile of cuttings, and one of them into a quilt top! They are Nani Iro double gauze from Japan designed by Naomi Ito.

All prewashed and fluffy! One more set to get from Finch Sewing Studio tomorrow and project twinsies nani iro quilts will be underway!

More nani iro. Squee!

The design is my own, based on a 20″ grid. I wanted to highlight the large scale prints in the Nani Iro double gauze.

I’m developing a bit of a love-hate relationship with the substrate. It’s very soft and fluffy, so I love that. But, it requires prewashing (which I never do) and it has a lot of friction between layers as well as more stretch than you think so getting it to line up correctly and lie straight is a bit of a challenge. I can already tell basting is going to be a challenge.

Despite that, I cut four quilts out of a total of 19 yards. It’s such an expensive substrate (and from Japan!) that I wanted to make sure I used every last bit.

Keeping the cat off of my nani iro is proving to be a challenge. Almost have it all sorted out.

I sorted everything into the various piles and tried to keep the cat off of them.

I saved the selvedges – I’m thinking of a giveaway sometime when I debut all the quilts!
Nani iro double gauze selvedges

I took advantage of the snow day yesterday to put together the first top. You can see just how I laid it out for the photos below that the coefficient of friction between the fabric and the carpet makes it difficult to lay out straight. I’m probably going to need an extra set of hands to help baste.

Nani iro 85x85" top finished

Nani iro 85x85" top finished

I love how subtle the fabrics are, but it makes them difficult to photograph well

In any case, I hope to get a good start on the next quilt top while I ponder how to quilt this one.

Here’s my list:


  1. Briar Rose Giant Star Gallery Quilt – 1/15
  2. Mend HST Journey and wash to submit to Gallery – 1/15
  3. January do. Good Stitches block – 1/31
  4. February do. Good Stitches block – 2/28
  5. Design, make block, and post do. Good Stitches Nurture Circle March Quilt – 2/28
  6. Make a back for the Chicopee Checkerboard top that Amy gave me, get it sandwiched, quilted, and bound. – 3/15
  7. Nani Iro Wedding Quilt – 2/28  3/31 (top made, need to get the backing delivered, pre washed, basted, quilted, and bound)
  8. Nani Iro quilt for me – 3/31
  9. Nani Iro giant star – 3/31
  10. Nani Iro Baby Quilt – 3/31

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carlaWIP Wednesday: Nani Iro take 1
  • shirley tener

    Stopping by from WIP, sharing the love..

  • http://www.whatthebobbin.com Amanda Kattner

    I’ve never worked with the double gauze or even felt it in person. I so want to make a top or a dress for my daughter out of those fun dot prints. Very pretty quilt top. I wonder how it will quilt up? Is there much stretch to it?

  • carla

    Thank you! I hope you stick around!