What I did with my summer vacation

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It’s that time of year – kids are heading back to school, I’m knee deep in work and I’ve realized the whole summer has gone by in a blink of an eye.

Sadly, that means I haven’t been posting on my blog very much. Instead, I’ve focused on Instagram.

I’ve also had some setbacks that have complicated my ability to keep up with this blog. If you have followed me in the past, you know I had shoulder surgery back in April. While the recovery has gone fairly well so far, it was much slower than I would have liked. Four months out my doctor and I decided to do a cortisone shot in my shoulder. It has only been a few days but it seems to be helping me break through the last plateau of pain I’ve had.

Happy caturday from Ms. Jewel. She hasn't been feeling well lately and had a tough day at the vet yesterday. All the tests came back negative except her intestine walls look a little thick on the X-rays. Starting with antibiotics and probiotics this week.


My constant companion, Ms. Jewel —
Before she got sick, when she was still allowed on quilts.

Also if you follow me on Instagram you know this summer has been tough on another personal level. After a month or so of vet visits, tests, and uncertainty my cat Jewel was diagnosed with a form of cancer in her gut called small cell lymphoma. While this was a difficult diagnosis to hear, the good news is it can be managed to some extent with medication. We started chemotherapy pills at home, steroids, and other medications about two weeks ago. She already seems better – her usual ravenous appetite has kicked into overdrive.

The general prognosis in studies of her type of cancer show survival / remission times of around 1-3 years, so I think it’s worth medicating her to keep her around as long as she isn’t in pain nor is she scared. She hates going to the vet, so I’m very thankful that I am able to treat her at home. Pill pockets have made a world of difference in getting her to take her pills.


Emotionally this has been difficult as Jewel is my constant companion. I got her just a few weeks after I moved to Washington, DC just after college in the summer of 2007. My whole life in DC I can measure in her life.

I’ve found a specialty vet that has been nothing short of a god send during this time. They are open 24 hours a day (since they are a hospital) and have answered all of my questions and concerns anytime I’ve had them. I’ve gotten far more than my money’s worth with them. If you’re in the Washington, DC area I highly recommend Dogs and Cats Veterinary  Referral and Hospital.

The downside to my cat’s illness is she is having some bathroom problems. I’ve had to pack up all of my quilts and be even more careful than I usually am about what fabric and projects I leave lying around. I’ve avoided most mishaps, but I have a big pet stain on one of my Nani Iro quilts to deal with. Do you have any sure-fire suggestions? Someone told me to leave it soaking in oxy-clean for a couple of days in the bathtub.

In any case, I’m going to make an effort to get caught back up on my blog. I have several finished projects to recap, a stop on the 100 Quilts For Kids blog hop, and a few more assorted things! Thanks for sticking around!

carlaWhat I did with my summer vacation