First Night

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As we get ready to leap into 2015 I wanted to post a quick note reflecting on my year and wishing everyone a happy new one.

This has been an exceedingly tough year for me. My grandfather died in February, I had shoulder surgery in April, Jewel (my cat) got sick in August and I finally had to have her euthanized just before Thanksgiving.

I then jumped headfirst into a kitten-mama role when I went to the shelter just to “look” and came home with two 6 month old kittens. They are slowly helping me heal.

I also submitted 5 quilts to QuiltCon and had every one of them rejected. That really hurt. I know there were a ton of entries but I thought at least some of mine were good enough.

And then this week to finish the rollercoaster I found out my Rainbow Triangles quilt I made for the Nurture Circle at do. Good Stitches has been selected as one of 12 to represent the organization at QuiltCon!


Overall I produced less this year – only 18 finishes verses the 25 from last year.

I also produced a ton of bee blocks for do. Good Stitches and pieced two quilts for the group.

I’m looking forward to 2015 and my first finish which will be my Night Sky quilt using fussy cut Cotton and Steel. I’m making a king size (because of course I don’t make small quilts) but I’m over halfway there. 15 more blocks to piece, then sashing and stitching the top together. I hope to have the top finished by the end of this holiday weekend. Here are a few sneak peaks.


I hope you have a safe and peaceful First Night of 2015. Cheers!

carlaFirst Night
  • Olivia

    Beautiful creations! I’m in awe of how much you managed to get done!

    • http://www.modernbias.com modern bias

      Thanks! It is less than last year but still a good amount. Hopefully this year will have fewer distractions.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Beacraftygirl

    I’m sorry to hear about last year. It was one of the toughest for me too. I’m thinking 2015 has got to be great! Your newest quilt will be gorgeous!

    • http://www.modernbias.com modern bias

      Thank you for the kind words!