WIP Wednesday – switching to hand-work

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The last of my major sewing projects for the time being are done! I was able to finish the sampler for my friend’s wedding in June and create a clutch / EPP bag for me to use. I was also able to get help with a home project WIP that’s now complete and has totally changed my life.

If you’ve been following along you know that I’m having shoulder surgery on Friday and have been cleaning my house, purging, cooking, and tidying in preparation. In three years in my apartment I’ve only ever hung one thing on the wall because I’m terrified of it. My friend Aliza came over on Saturday to help me fix that.

Just gained a ton of counter space back thanks to my friend Aliza and IKEA.

She helped me install two of the IKEA rail systems – one in my bathroom under the medicine cabinet and one in the kitchen over the sink and under the cabinets. The one in the kitchen has completely changed my life. I used to hate my kitchen because it’s tiny – I live in a studio and that’s basically all the counter space I have and it was constantly cluttered with all the stuff now hanging from the rail. I love having my space back. In the bathroom it’s all about convenience – I have no counter space at all and all of that junk was piled in a basket on the back of the toilet before. There is still a mess, but at least my most-used items are front and center.

Ok, on to the sewing! Getting the wedding sampler quilt top done was top priority on my list of things to do before surgery. I pushed really hard during MidAtlanticMod to turn my weekend around and then kept going after that. A couple of friday night sewalongs on Instagram later I managed to finish the top just in the nick of time.

It is made from pretty much every line Denyse Schmidt has ever made. The color direction given to me by the bride was yes to blue, green, and red, no to yellow, orange, and brown. She also preferred a white background. I added in some purple and maroon to add some contrast to the blue and green and keep it out of the “Christmas” realm.

The blocks are pulled from Vintage Quilt Revival co-authored by my guild-mate Katie Blakesley and from another book she recommended 501 Rotary Cut Blocks by Judy Hopkins.

I’ll admit I got a little frustrated with the blocks, especially after not enough sleep, too much pressure on myself, and too much sugar at MidAtlanticMod, but I rallied on the last day of the retreat and banged out a whole bunch of blocks. I finished the rest of the blocks a week ago and finished putting the top together last Friday night.

I was able to trim or stretch all of the blocks to 12.25″ and almost everything seems to line up nicely. This is now at the longarmer to get finished so I can take it with me to the wedding.

All finished! #ds #dsq #vintagequiltrevival #501rotarycutblocks #sampler

I was able to squeeze in two last projects before I put my machine and fabric away for the next couple of months. The first is a 9″x12″ clutch / EPP pouch with several dividers inside. It’s made from Anna Maria Horner Ghost Wing linen and some black leather that I picked up on a shopping trip during MidAtlanticMod. This was my first time working with leather but it wasn’t as hard as I expected. I made the outside in a QAYG fashion with layers of canvas and batting. Then I made the lining and dividers. I interfaced the dividers using one layer of interfacing sandwiched between the fabric covers. I thought I would reduce bulk by not interfacing the actual lining but I think that was a mistake – it looks a little loose and not as smooth as I’d like, although I’m not sure my machine could have taken another layer of interfacing.

Eeking out one more project. AMH Ghost Wing linen, black leather QAYG pouch with 3 dividers and 2 slip pockets. 9"x12"

There are two dividers and two slip pockets for a total of 5 compartments. One slip pocket is for my tools, the other is for my papers. The first section holds all of my fabric. As I baste the shapes I plan to move them to the second section, and then as the shapes are sewn into flowers they will move to the third compartment.

I hope I follow through with this cherry-blossom inspired idea! If I do, it will be amazing.

All filled up!

The second project I finished was to make blocks and create a tutorial for the June round of my do. Good Stitches bee.

June block tutorial

Then it was time to pack up all my fabric and my machine and put them away so I’m not tempted to try using the machine before my shoulder is fully healed. (It’s too heavy for me to lift with one arm.)

Not sure there's enough fabric.... Bye bye til July. #honeststash #showmeyourstash #surgeryprep


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carlaWIP Wednesday – switching to hand-work
  • Julie Johnson

    What a beautiful quilt!! I like your idea of the dividers in your handbag. Finding the right “stiffness” for different needs is sometimes a frustration when they’re not as stiff as you’d like. I hope the healing goes real well, smart to get prepared! WIPing with you @ RunningHen.blogspot.com

    • http://www.modernbias.com modern bias

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get a lot done.