Early morning cutting

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Tallahassee blocks are going to take too long right now. Going with a disappearing nine patch instead with 4″ squares. The good news is I can use most of the scraps I’ve accumulated (far left) and the fabric I already cut for Tallahassee (center stack). Squares cut so far are back left and scraps generated are on the right.

carlaEarly morning cutting

WIP Wednesday – Tallahassee

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In my push to get the two quilts done for last weekend, I’ve let my twin girl quilts fall back on the list. Time to move them to the top again.

Take 2: 8" finished "blooms"

8″ finished “blooms”

I’m using the Tallahassee paper piecing block, but I’ve resized it significantly. On Quilter’s Cache the pattern is for four blooms together to measure 12″ or 8″ finished. I wanted a much larger scale design with a less dense pattern so I pulled it into illustrator and resized it so that a single bloom would be 10″ finished.

I then started cutting my background pieces, only to find that my unscientific method of figuring out how big they should be didn’t work and all my backgrounds were too small.

I should have made a test block first.

10.5″ unfinished – background pieces were too small, so I had to rip everything out and start again at a smaller size.

So I had to do some ripping out, and make some test blocks in different sizes to see what my cuts would work for. It turns out I can just make them work for 8″ finished blocks. They are still a bit small, but by changing the piecing order I think I am able to make it work.

As a result, I have scope creep. I was only going to make 40 10″ blocks. Now I have to make 60 8″ blocks for a finished size of 40″x50″. The lesson here is: measure twice, cut once. And make a test block, or four. Don’t just assume it will work and then go cutting up all your fabric.

Scope creep. 40 blocks -> 60 blocks

Stack of about 60 fabric “centers” for the “blooms”.

Luckily I still have some Kona Navy so I can cut more backgrounds when I get to that point.

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

carlaWIP Wednesday – Tallahassee
HST Journey

Finished: Kaleidoscope & HST Journey

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I have not one, but TWO finishes to share tonight.

Kaleidoscope complete!

Why two? A wise woman once said done is better than perfect. I struggled to get half of my HST Journey quilted a few months ago and it’s been sitting in a pile ever since. If I’m honest with myself, I was never going to wrangle it through a second time. So instead of having it sit any longer I decided it was time to get it finished. Here’s the result. Approximate finished size is 90″x102″.

HST Journey complete

I like that it lays nice and flat because I used Quilter’s Dream Wool batting which doesn’t really shrink. You aren’t supposed to use any heat to dry it, but I’m limited in terms of what my apartment building provides. I used the delicate cycle and it was still damp when I pulled it out, so I left it to dry on my balcony railing for a while.

Done is better than perfect

I bound it using Essex Linen (I think in Steel). It is backed in a LOT of Tula Pink squirrel print from The Birds and the Bees, and I printed my own label using Dritz Printed Treasures Inkjet Printable Fabric. I was surprised how well it worked and how it held up after washing.

HST Journey complete

Moving on to the other quilt I finished today, the Kaleidoscope! To remind you, this is a 6″ paper pieced block. Approximate finished size is 42″x54″.

Kaleidoscope complete!

I took another closeup so you can see the crinkly goodness. I quilted in four directions – north-south, east-west, and both diagonals.

Kaleidoscope complete!

It’s also bound in Essex Linen (in Carrot). I backed it in the IKEA numbers fabric and included another printed label. I love how it turned out.

Kaleidoscope complete!


For what it’s worth, these are my first two finishes in 2013! Onward and upward!

carlaFinished: Kaleidoscope & HST Journey

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I keep adding things to the list but I am making some serious progress.

All the labels are designed, printed, and rinsed/dried – ready for cutting and attaching. I was able to get 6 labels per sheet of printable fabric – four triangle/corner labels and two rectangle “regular” labels.

I also trimmed the HST Journey (monstrosity), so it’s ready for binding. I hope to get all the binding pressed in half tonight so it’s ready to attach.

It’s probably worth a look at current project status for everything I’m working on.

Needs label:

Ready for binding:
HST Journey

Top complete:
Jaxson’s quilt

Tallahassee Blooms (twin girls)
Cascade (low priority, on hold)

Stripes Squared for Zain
Lucky Stars blocks for April

MoCo Guild Swap Pillow (needs to be moved up the priority list – due in early June)
Sarah’s quilt
Sheila’s quilt

And I just thought of another thing that needs to be on the list – piecing the backing for Jaxson’s quilt so I can take it along with me to the guild meeting Saturday and get it basted.

Off topic, I had a helper last night:

"Helping" me trim the quilt

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

carlaWIP Wednesday – Making progress

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Yesterday was a banner day for fabric acquisition! I had a play date with a new friend Amy and 100 fat eighths I won in a giveaway over at MayChappell came in the mail!

It was a banner day for fabric acquisition!

Fabric from Amy, left, and box of fat eighths, right.

I had a blast with Amy looking through her stash and sharing mine. Originally I intended to only look for fabrics that would work for my current project (twin girls baby quilts) but she encouraged me to keep looking. :)

I came away with some great scraps, fabulous options for my current project, and some great finds for projects down the line.

It was a banner day for fabric acquisition!

Fabric from Amy

The box of fat eighths came while I was at Amy’s so I didn’t get a chance to bring it over to her. I looked through it today – there are some fun fabrics included!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

 Super cute note from Lee! Winner winner, chicken dinner!


This is what 100 fat eighths look like

This is what 100 fat eighths looks like.

These two are a couple of my favorites! Narwals! And some kind of pink swans or geese. I thought they were flamingos at first but now I don’t think they are.

Two of my favorite fat eighths

Super cute!


All in all, a fabulous day! Thanks Amy and Lee!

carlaA banner day!

60″ Wide Kona

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Did you know that Robert Kaufman is now making 60″ wide Kona solids? I didn’t know until this morning when I was looking at FabricDepot.com!

60" wide kona

They are listed at $12.49 regular pice, but they are actually $9.37/yd!

I’ve been using 60″ wide fabrics to back my baby quilts. It’s the perfect size to fit a 45″ wide batting without too much waste, and no piecing!

carla60″ Wide Kona


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I had to make one binding, so I decided to make a bunch – three for quilts that have been designed (in some capacity) but not even started yet. Why do it? I find my muscle memory degrades when I take a long break between tasks that require precision. Sewing binding strips together on an angle is one of those tasks – if you’re off by a millimeter you have to rip it out. I had to rip out three or four seams before I found my groove. Once I did, I zipped through them all. Obviously they still need to be folded and pressed, but at least they are all sewn together and waiting for me.



Lots of binding.

Five new sets of binding. Orange for kaleidoscope, pink for twin girls, scrappy for a baby boy, and gray for my giant HST quilt.


WIP Wednesday – Kaleidoscope nearing completion!

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My kaleidoscope is nearing completion! I took some photos yesterday – fighting the wind, dying light, and only 3/4 quilted but I’m just so pleased with it I had to share! I’m not sure what I’ll use for the binding yet, but I’ve been considering black, orange/red scrappy, or turquoise linen.

Kaleidoscope 3/4 quilted

Approximately 42″x54″ finished

Kaleidoscope 3/4 quilted

3/4 quilted – vertical and horizontal through the low volume diamonds, and one direction diagonally through the stars. I finished quilting the other direction last night. 

Kaleidoscope 3/4 quilted

Backed with IKEA numbers

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

carlaWIP Wednesday – Kaleidoscope nearing completion!