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To be more precise, it online is online prescribed paxil buy for the online following symptoms and buy diseases: - online Depression. 10 mg of paxil the buy active ingredient). Why do generics cost less than the buy brand name equivalents? The correct reception with social phobia. So, during withdrawal is paxil from this medication may experience: Feeling dizzy; Minor sleep disturbances; Brief periods of confusion; Regular nausea, which is impossible to paxil samples paxil remove the buy right diet or paxil special how to get paxil in canada preparations; Sweating hands or body in paxil quick shipment general; Sometimes (very rarely diarrhea are observed. Paxil can be also online used for the paxil expressed insomnia, in the setting of stress, post-traumatic and depressive disorders. However, sudden stop of Paxil course will activate unwanted withdrawal symptoms. We are not paxil responsible for any direct, indirect, special or other damage caused by use of this information on paxil weight gain paxil withdrawal symptoms the site and also online for consequences of self-treatment. That is why this drug paxil is used only in this area. Low appetite, sleepiness, blurred vision, convulsion, diarrhea, dry mouth, sexual dysfunction, and asthenia are the side effects which may happen during the use of Paxil. Not without ancillary components such as calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, and others. You should consult with your doctor or health care adviser regarding any specific instructions of your condition. The treatment is contraindicated for people, who are allergic to the ingredients of the drug. Talk to your healthcare paxil provider about online its safety, possible buy side effects and other specifications of the treatment course. Note, the information presented at the site has a online general character. The information is reliable, but we concede it paxil could contain mistakes. The maximum may be 60 mg per online 24 hours. Possible side effect, side effects can be the following: quick and irregular pulse, tremor, anxiety, blurred vision, vomiting, fever and diarrhea. Paxil, reviews of doctors talking online about it does not affect the activity of the brain, which is very important, that is, his work is not suppressed. The main thing to realize here though is that the two products are therapeutically comparable. How are Generic drugs tested to ensure quality and efficacy? By the way, it is recommended to take prevention of depression relapse. If the person or his doctor has not adhered to the instructions for use. As online shown previously conducted experiments, to observe the side effects of this drug can be used only if buy the tablets 100 to take the same time. If a patient is diagnosed daily anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder, it may also assign these agents. As a result, taking Paxil causes less inhibition of the central nervous online system and no hypotensive effect. The correct cancellation Reviews fallen into dependence on "Paxil" suggest that if paxil you do not adhere to these rules, you can seriously damage your health. Taking buy Paxil during pregnancy increases the risk of the congenital defects in children, and therefore pregnant women have to refuse from the application buy of the medication. Moreover, it should be understood that even though quite buy a bit to drink alcohol if you are taking this medication, such action buy will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment to zero. For children the dosage is much less in such diseases, it will be from 20 to 30 mg per day. It is also possible that the efforts of the side effects from taking this drug if you regularly consume alcohol, even in small quantities. Taking Paxil with other serotonin reuptake inhibitors online the doses of both medicines should be reduced. Paxil must not be taken during the breast feeding. Let us consider in detail the indications for use. General information, paxil is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Do buy not combine the antidepressant with: Seizuredrugs; Heart rhythm treatments; Narcotic pain medications; Migraine headache remedies; Blood thinners; paxil HIV/aidstreatments; Cimetidine; Tryptophan; Tamoxifen and others. Death from "Paxil" was observed only in the case of its combination with psychotropic drugs, which could not interact with. In today's market of medicines "Paxil" patient testimonials - proof, can be found only in the form of tablets that are designed for indoor reception. "Pravastatin" is the active ingredient paxil in brand name Pravachol). But clinical studies confirm that taking such a dangerous drug in the first trimester of pregnancy, as it increases the risk of birth defects and heart defects. Panic disorder type. Do not take this medicine buy with any of the following medications: -linezolid -maois like Carbex, Eldepryl, Marplan, Nardil, and Parnate -methylene blue (injected into a vein) -pimozide -thioridazine This medicine may also interact with the following medications: -alcohol -amphetamines -aspirin and aspirin-like. Storage, store the medicine at room temperature between 68-77 degrees buy F (20-25 degrees C) away from light and moisture. Stress disorders, including post-traumatic One tablet per day at such disease is sufficient for most patients. To treatment process gave better online results completely give up drinking alcohol, even in small doses. If the doctor deems improve unreasonable, it may increase the daily dosage rate of the drug. Paxil, reviews the doctors about it very often found it a lifeline for people who are depressed and suicidal thoughts are persecuted. Contraindications, pregnant and breastfeeding women and patients with hypersensitivity to Paxil can't use the medicine. The scoring or markings). These fillers that are added to the drug have no medical use and do not to change the effectiveness of the final product. We've already figured out that "Paxil" required in case of problems in mental health. Although if the patient has trouble sleeping, your doctor can decide whether to receive these drugs in combination. Schematic sequence of actions: buy - final dosage size is reduced to 10 mg or more per week to take the drug according to a new online dosage; - each week you need to reduce the dose to poltabletki. dollar;0.60 per pill, buy online Now, online perhaps one of the most famous group of antidepressants selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for -. Why do so many prescribe it "Paxil"? The pills of Paxil 20 mg should be taken once per day, in the morning, during or after meals. In such diseases treatment lasts an average of 4-8 months. If it is almost time of the next intake just skip it and go back to your schedule. If the mother received during the third trimester Paroxetine side effects (responses doctors confirm it) were expressed in the form of an unstable temperature, problems with feeding the baby, increased reflexes, and. Buyonlinegenericmeds onlinehealthpharmacies24 onlinepharmacies247, recommendations for Proper Paxil Intake. When panic disorders, the fact that panic disorder is very effective, "Paxil doctors reviews confirm. What differences are there between generic and brand? As a result, Paxil is approved to be an effective treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorders and others. Report the drug ineffectiveness, though never increase the dose on your own. What do the doctors say overdose? Note please this information cannot be used for self-treatment and self diagnosis. Report other mild to severe complications to the medical specialist, including: Abnormal thoughts and behavior; Vision disorders; Severe skin reactions; Severe central nervous system impairments; Insomnia; Nausea, vomiting, constipation and other stomach disorders; Impotence, ejaculation disorders and similar sex-related. Paxil, paxil - Innovative Formula, being an alternative selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Paxil promotes a powerful influence on the brain and the central nervous system, paxil balancing the disorders and significantly improving buy the condition. Do not start Paxil course until your healthcare specialist recommends you. When depression, for example, in depression, paxil in accordance with the recommendations of doctors, used at least two to three online weeks on a tablet a day, after which it will be possible to begin to evaluate the results of such treatment. So, "Paxil" - this is the drug that requires a slow and gradual abolition. The antidepressive activity of Paxil is conditioned by the specific selective serotonin reuptake inhibition in the neurons of the brain. A generic drug must contain comparable active ingredients and must be comparable in strength and dosage to the original brand name equivalent. In this case, the patient should immediately wash the stomach and leave under the supervision of specialists. Directions, it is recommended to take the medicine as it was prescribed by your doctor. After the patent expires however, other companies can develop a "generic" version of the product. Because the same active ingredient is used the major concern is just that it delivers the common chemical(s) at the same rate so that they have the same effect. Select Strength : quantity, strength, new Price, new Unit Price, old Price. Paxil does not provide an expressed soporific effects but it gives a light sedative one. The patient will not feel the intense action of the medication the next day, but it gives an opportunity to avoid such side effects as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Paxil is incompatible with MAO inhibitors. Paxil can promote reaction and alertness disorders, so it is advisable to eliminate accomplishing any tasks that require accuracy and rapidity. Once you have missed Paxil dose, use it the first possible moment, or skip it if the following scheduled one should be administered soon. Generic drugs can be more cost effective than purchasing the brand name. As already mentioned, Paxil, reviews the doctors confirm it, is capable of selectively (ie, selectively) to block the uptake of serotonin, and the result of this action is an antidepressant effect or anti-anxiety. The maximum dose is 50 mg per day. To make sure Paxil will not cause any bothersome reactions and undesirable side effects, a patient should tell a medical specialist about other health concerns he/she has, especially: Decreased sodium levels in the blood; Epilepsy; Blood clotting issues; Abnormal blood. Before use, should carefully review the list of excipients to make sure that you do not have individual sensitivity to them. Precautions, the use of Paxil, as any other strong antidepressant, should be controlled by a qualified doctor. Of course, such a preparation can not act as the main element of the treatment, and like supports. Serious side effects are unlikely to occur. These are conditions in which a person has an overwhelming desire to deal with problems that may arise. Depressions accompanied by anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, preventive measures and treatment of the panic disorders. The color, shape and size of the medication come from the fillers that are added to the active ingredients to make the drug. Generic drugs are medications that have the comparable medicinal ingredients as the original brand name drug, but which are generally cheaper in price. Variety range only in that there is on the package 10, 30 or one hundred pieces. The maximum allowed children to prescribe 50 mg per day. Severe health problems may occur if Paxil is misused or overused. Do not exceed your recommended dose. This patent prevents other companies from copying the drug during that time so they can earn back their Research online and Development costs through being the exclusive supplier of the product. Paxil not only reduces the depression symptoms but also neutralizes anxiety, and helps to restore sleep in case of insomnia. Wherein depression of any kind, including those that are accompanied by anxiety. The maximum dose allowed in these cases, 50 mg, it can be increased to once a week to. This list may not describe all possible interactions. The rates at which the drug is delivered to the patient (into their blood stream or otherwise absorbed) are measured to ensure they are the same. Please note that the methods that the manufacturers use may vary from country to country. "Paxil" patient feedback confirm helps even with such disorders, accompanied by the fear of open spaces. Such complications are 5 times more likely to have mothers who took this drug than those mothers who did not take. Today, social phobia, many attribute to themselves, seeing it merely as a little nervousness on the understanding that will need to speak in public. It may be used to treat panic disorder or posttraumatic stress disorder (ptsd). Nerves adverse effects have regularly included somnolence (9 to 24 wooziness (7 online to 14 sleeplessness (8 to 24 tremor (4 to 11 anxiety (2 to 9 paresthesia (1 to 4 minimized sex drive in both female as well as male clients. Precautions, before starting your treatment with Paxil tell your doctor if you have allergic reaction to it, bipolar confusion, kidney, liver or eye problems. Contact your healthcare provider immediately if antidepressant intake resulted in any health problems or abnormalities.

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Always tell your physician about medicines you paxil take before taking albuterol and paxil usa day ask him/her for advice ( 8 ). It is important to know that the tablet should be swallowed whole without crushing it in front of the reception and paxil in any case not chewing. What does this delivery medicine do? Anxiety disorders and "Paxil instructions, doctors reviews point out that the majority of patients 8 months of treatment is sufficient to completely overcome generalized anxiety disorder. While internet pharmacies can make it easier to obtain prescribed drugs, they cannot replace necessary face-to-face consultations with clinical staff, as the RPS has emphasised. Medical Disclaimer Add to My Med List More about Nexium (esomeprazole) Consumer resources Other brands: Nexium 24HR Professional resources Other Formulations Related treatment guides Glossary Term Definition Drug Patent A drug patent is assigned by the.S. Such concomitant use, however, should be individualized and not given on next a routine basis. Geriatric Use Clinical studies of Maxalt did not include sufficient numbers of subjects aged 65 and over to determine whether they respond differently from younger subjects. What is, next ventolin, hFA? The effectiveness of Plavix paxil usa results from its antiplatelet activity, which is dependent paxil on its conversion to an active metabolite by the cytochrome P450 (CYP) system, principally CYP2C19 see. Brand Name, plavix Bristol-Myers Squibb/Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, generic Name clopidogrel, generic pronounced kloe PID oh grel. It is important to keep all medication out of sight and reach of children as many containers (such as weekly pill minders and those for eye drops, creams, patches, and inhalers) are not child-resistant and young children can open them easily. Medications delivery sent if accepted. Figure 3: Hazard Ratio for Patient Baseline Characteristics and On-Study Concomitant Medications/Interventions for the cure Study The use of Plavix in cure was associated with a decrease in the use of thrombolytic therapy (71 patients.1 in the. Repaglinide (CYP2C8 Substrates) The acyl-glucuronide metabolite of clopidogrel is a strong inhibitor of CYP2C8. Once you are done, rinse your mouth with water to remove the residual drug particles deposited in the mouth. Repeat steps 4-6 until you see a spray coming out of the inhaler. Effient ticagrelor brilinta ) or ticlopidine (Ticlid so that he/she can be sure Plavix is safe. This causes narrowing of air passages that makes it difficult for air to flow in and out of the lungs, leading to chronic bouts of cough and shortness of breath. When airflow is improved through respiratory passages, the patient begins to feel the relief from his symptoms. Do not allow the inhalation spray to freeze. Close the orange cap. Thienopyridines inhibit platelet aggregation for the lifetime of the platelet (710 days). For further details please visit delivery website links: m/product- Contact Us: Asclepius Universal Inc, canada 1030 Kamato Road, Unit 204, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, l424B6. Sooner or later, many men and couples get to know the problems with erection. Early consideration next should be given to adding anti-inflammatory agents,.g., corticosteroids, to the therapeutic regimen. Aspiring day techs should have a look at the range of possible online pharmacy technician training opportunities before making the important decisions about education for being a pharmacy technician. Tyler's inability, his denunciation of keflex 500 mg and alcohol, necker, suggests unproductively. Middle aged people can be more sensitive to the medicine. Recent generic MI, Recent Stroke, or Established Peripheral Arterial Disease 75 mg once daily orally without a loading dose see. Potassium supplements and/or dietary measures may be needed to control or avoid hypokalemia. The population was 21 female, 25 male and 25 white, 17 black, 3 Hispanic, 1 other. The pharmacy operating the website should be a genuine bricks and mortar pharmacy, so look at its name and street address. Take Plavix with aspirin as instructed by your doctor. Accepted cod plavix for sale online no prescription required buy plavix in Ireland plavix prescription drug cod plavix overnight buy plavix without prescription in AL buy plavix xr online pharmacy cash on delivery plavix buy plavix. Selective serotonin paxil reuptake inhibitors (ssris) and serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (snris). Review the information to see if you qualify. Both "generic" and "brand" would be prescribed for the same conditions).

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Metformin may stimulate ovulation in brand a over premenopausal woman and may increase the over risk of the unintended pregnancy. Exercise Tips for Kids and the Whole Family. It belongs to a paxil class of diabetes medications known as biguanide medication. What causes type 2 diabetes? But if theyre not as good over or not safe, you would have to think twice about using them. You can see how this would make a difference in a drug that, say, lowered blood glucose. Salbutamol, salbutamol Nebuamp, salbutamol Respirator Solution, ventolin Inhaler. Do not start a new medication without telling your doctor. Stopping Plavix may increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. Serum and urine electrolyte determinations are over particularly important when the patient brand is brand vomiting profusely or receiving parenteral fluids. Table 1: cure Incidence of Bleeding Complications ( patients) Event Plavix ( aspirin) (n6259) Placebo ( aspirin) (n6303) Major bleeding.7.7 brand Life-threatening bleeding.2.8 Fatal.2.2 5 g/dL hemoglobin drop.9.9 Requiring surgical intervention.7.7 Hemorrhagic. Symptoms of a overdose are vomiting, feeling exhausted or shortness over of breath, and signs of blood in your stools or vomit, diarrhea, rush, itching. Start your training to better physical health with the most. Approved uses, ventolin, hFA is a prescription net inhaled medicine used over to treat or prevent bronchospasm in people aged 4 years and older with reversible obstructive airway disease. Clean your inhaler or nebulizer regularly. It also dissolves freely in methanol, dissolves sparingly in methylene chloride, and is practically insoluble in ethyl ether. Prostitution is commonly viewed as a choice that women have made, but many of these choices were probably decided upon when they were under. Its not only excipients that can make a difference. Unscrupulous, illegal websites could still copy and display this logo so, in addition to this, the RPS recommends that users do net the following: Check the registration status of the pharmacist. Also tell them about any vitamins, herbs, and supplements you use. Pediatric Use Safety and effectiveness in pediatric populations have not been established. Opioids Coadministration of 5 mg intravenous morphine with 600 mg loading dose of clopidogrel in healthy adults decreased the AUC and Cmax of clopidogrel's thiol metabolites. Before taking this medicine, you should not use Glucophage if you are allergic to metformin, or if you have: severe kidney disease; or metabolic acidosis or diabetic ketoacidosis (call your doctor brand for treatment). Research net in animals has not shown negative effects to the fetus when the mother takes the drug. As different formulations of ventolin have different strengths so measure the correct dose according as mentioned on the label. Learn about this no-gym, at home quick workout. The stylistic and substantive of Ron without blowing his magneton transmigrar the or prescription sleep aids generic plavix clubs ideally. Learn how sugar affects the brain and get tips. Exercise and medication may. These seven exercises deliver fitness results at home or in the gym. Close the orange cap. There is a risk to patients taking Plavix to experience stomach or intestinal bleeding. Furosemide stimulates prostaglandin E2 production. Consult with your doctor before taking Ventolin. Tests are available to identify patients who are CYP2C19 poor metabolizers see. Vascular effects Furosemide produces peripheral vascular effects.


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carlaFor Pinks Sakes Blog Hop

Generic paxil next day delivery

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Since my surgery I’ve continued to crank out hexies. I now have 200 basted 1″ hexagons ready to be sewn into flowers. At the DCMQG meeting on Saturday my friend Jessie talked to me a little about my 36 degree diamonds. The news wasn’t great. The “flags” that are made when you EPP are going to make appliqué’-ing them down much harder than I had realized. I’m now on the fence about whether or not I’ll actually make those shapes.

I still haven’t pulled out my sewing machine because I’m only supposed to lift 5 pounds with my bad shoulder and the sewing machine is significantly more than that. I’ve been cleared for full range of motion which means technically I could use a rotary cutter and my sewing machine but it might not be that comfortable, so I’m trying to hold off as long as I can so at least I can get a lot of my hand-work done.

Here’s a picture of the first 100 hexies!

100 basted hexagons. 1/3 of the way done. Not bad for a week of bed rest. #epp

I also went out and took some quilt photos in Rock Creek Park here in DC. It was so green, just amazing. I got some good shots. Here’s a sneak peek!

Photoshoot in rock creek park! No falling this time.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

carlaWIP Wednesday – Hexies everywhere

Generic paxil next day delivery

carla Fabric 70 Comments



Thanks to everyone who entered! This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Susan M! Check you email Susan!



I’ve been sitting on these for a while, waiting for the right moment, and today is the day! I’m offering up my (pre washed) Nani Iro Selvedges from my two Nani Iro quilts. This is almost 20 yards worth of selvedges (both printed and solid edges).

Nani iro selvedges


Entering is super easy; just leave  me a comment telling me what you’ve been working on,  and mark it on my rafflecopter widget!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

carlaSew Mama Sew Giveaway – Nani Iro Selvedges

Canadian generic paxil online

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Hey everyone,

Just popping in here to share the good news – a few weeks ago I was able to obtain and today I’ve made the change! All my old links should still work, but please take the time to double check your feeds.

Thanks for reading!


carlaA new address!

Brand paxil over the net

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I wanted to share a few quick shots of the March do. Good Stitches top I put together from everyone’s mosaic blocks. They look amazing. I’ve sent it off to the longarmer since I won’t be able to quilt it myself for a while. I hope to talk one of my friends into helping with a photoshoot when it’s complete.

Nurture Circle March top complete

Nurture Circle March top complete


It should finish about 56″ x 56″. I’m utterly thrilled with how the blocks turned out. The bright colors and low volume backgrounds are even better than I imagined. Thank you everyone for your hard work!

P.S. this is my 100th blog post! Yay!

carlaQuilt Top: March do. Good Stitches
DS Checkerboard

Buy paxil online

carlaClomid available in india, Acyclovir pills, Canadian healthcare provigil sales Leave a Comment

I finished this quilt a while ago – early March I would guess – but it never made it on the blog.

This quilt is a collaboration between my friend Amy and I. She won a jelly roll of Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt and had turned it into the checkerboard top. Over the holidays I was at her house and saw the top in a pile destined for charity quilts and I rescued it. I added the blue clamshell-print border from Shelburne Falls and a large-scale blue and black plaid from one of her DS lines for the backing.

I quilted it in two or three different variegated threads because I didn’t have enough of any one thing. I quilted only in the colored squares and I like how it creates an argyle effect in the wider border. The binding is Kona Jade.

Chicopee checkerboard


It is the perfect size for a couch quilt – approximately 65″ x 75″, and my cat has claimed it as hers.

She really does love that quilt. Hasn't moved much since I got it out this afternoon. #catsofinstagram #russianblue #catsonquilts #dsq #ds

Quilt Stats
name: DS Checkerboard
size: Large throw – 65″ x 75″
pattern: checkerboard pieced by Amy S., borders added by me.
fabrics: Chicopee, Shelburne Falls, DS Quilts, Kona Jade
quilting: Diagonal quilting through colored squares only with two different variegated threads.

carlaFinished: DS Checkerboard
Nani Iro Double Gauze

Brand paxil over the net

carlaClomid available in india, Acyclovir pills, Canadian healthcare provigil sales 1 Comment

My cousin got married in a beautiful wedding last spring. At the time I had only been quilting about six months and I wanted to make a quilt but I didn’t want to step on anyone else’s toes if someone more experienced than I had already offered. I pulled my cousin aside during the reception and nervously asked if she was interested. She agreed enthusiastically. A few sporadic emails later and a conversation at our family reunion in the fall at Cape May, NJ gave me a direction. She loves Japanese fabrics, especially Nani Iro.

Now, Nani Iro and Japanese fabric in general is not cheap. I was lucky enough to find a shop on etsy that was selling preorders of the latest Nani Iro line. They wouldn’t order a bolt until they had an order for that fabric. It certainly lowered costs – I got a great deal on the fabric – but I had to wait a really long time. The fabric didn’t come until late November or early December. Once the fabric was in my hands I realized I wanted a little bit more variety so I reached out to my friend Nicole who runs Finch Sewing Studio. She usually has a few in stock. I was able to get some more pieces to round out my selection, as well as backing and binding fabrics.

Once I had it, a lot of pre washing and pretreating were in order. I zigzagged all the raw edges on both the double gauze and the backing / binding fabrics, and then washed and pressed the fabric. I designed the pattern based on a 20″ square to take advantage of the large scale prints. I didn’t want to chop anything up too small – the smallest pieces are 5″x5″ finished.

I’ve made this quilt twice now. When I was collecting fabric for this design I ended with with 19 yards of double gauze in order to get the variety I wanted. I am determined not to waste a scrap of it.

The first version was for my cousin – 85″ square with a Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in Watermelon for the backing and binding. I love how the coral contrasts with the patchwork on the front.

Nani iro #1


The second version is a little bit bigger – 100″ x 100″ to fit my bed the way I like it (oversized). It is bound in the same watermelon, but backed using the teal color way of Social Climber from the recent reprint of Hand Drawn Garden. I bought 12 yards when it was first reprinted with the intention of using most of it for a back. It works beautifully on this piece.

Nani iro #2

Nani iro #2


For both I did very organic quilting. I used a walking foot and let the weight of the quilt really guide how the lines went down. I didn’t want anything too rigid or perpendicular because the fabrics have such a beautiful ethereal quality, even when cut into rectangles. The lines are spaced approximately every 5″ on the outside edge of the quilt but the path they take across the quilt is random. On the quilt for my cousin I thought the lines ended up looking like a map so I subtitled it Nani Iro Patchwork Map. It has a deeper meaning as well since they are still just starting their lives together and who knows where their lives will take them.

I gave the quilt to my cousin and her husband in early March. They really liked it so I’m glad it went over well. I love my version as well – in fact it is on my bed currently!

I will make one note about working with Double Gauze. While beautiful, it is really tricky to work with for something like a whole quilt. It is exactly what it sounds like – two layers of gauze that have been tacked together and then printed. This means it is somewhat shifty, and stretches easily with handling. Also the texture of the fabric is quite soft but it is very clingy. The fabric has a lot of friction – probably on the level of flannel-to-flannel. You can’t shake pieces out to line them up because the fabric sticks and then it stretches. It is also difficult to seam rip on it due to the delicate nature of the fabric. While beautiful I don’t think I’ll be working with double gauze in large quantities again anytime soon.


Quilt Stats
name: Nani Iro #1 (Nani Iro Patchwork Map)
size: Double / Queen – 85″ x 85″
pattern: Based on 20″ grid designed by me.
fabrics: Nani Iro Double Gauze
quilting: Random quilting using a walking foot and letting the weight of the quilt do much of the work. Lines start approximately every 5″ along each side of the quilt and take a wandering path to the other side.


Quilt Stats
name: Nani Iro #2
size: King – 100″ x 100″
pattern: Based on 20″ grid designed by me.
fabrics: Nani Iro Double Gauze
quilting: Random quilting using a walking foot and letting the weight of the quilt do much of the work. Lines start approximately every 5″ along each side of the quilt and take a wandering path to the other side.

carlaFinished: Nani Iro sister quilts

Generic paxil next day delivery

carlaCanadian healthcare provigil sales, Accutane canada buy 2 Comments

The last of my major sewing projects for the time being are done! I was able to finish the sampler for my friend’s wedding in June and create a clutch / EPP bag for me to use. I was also able to get help with a home project WIP that’s now complete and has totally changed my life.

If you’ve been following along you know that I’m having shoulder surgery on Friday and have been cleaning my house, purging, cooking, and tidying in preparation. In three years in my apartment I’ve only ever hung one thing on the wall because I’m terrified of it. My friend Aliza came over on Saturday to help me fix that.

Just gained a ton of counter space back thanks to my friend Aliza and IKEA.

She helped me install two of the IKEA rail systems – one in my bathroom under the medicine cabinet and one in the kitchen over the sink and under the cabinets. The one in the kitchen has completely changed my life. I used to hate my kitchen because it’s tiny – I live in a studio and that’s basically all the counter space I have and it was constantly cluttered with all the stuff now hanging from the rail. I love having my space back. In the bathroom it’s all about convenience – I have no counter space at all and all of that junk was piled in a basket on the back of the toilet before. There is still a mess, but at least my most-used items are front and center.

Ok, on to the sewing! Getting the wedding sampler quilt top done was top priority on my list of things to do before surgery. I pushed really hard during MidAtlanticMod to turn my weekend around and then kept going after that. A couple of friday night sewalongs on Instagram later I managed to finish the top just in the nick of time.

It is made from pretty much every line Denyse Schmidt has ever made. The color direction given to me by the bride was yes to blue, green, and red, no to yellow, orange, and brown. She also preferred a white background. I added in some purple and maroon to add some contrast to the blue and green and keep it out of the “Christmas” realm.

The blocks are pulled from Vintage Quilt Revival co-authored by my guild-mate Katie Blakesley and from another book she recommended 501 Rotary Cut Blocks by Judy Hopkins.

I’ll admit I got a little frustrated with the blocks, especially after not enough sleep, too much pressure on myself, and too much sugar at MidAtlanticMod, but I rallied on the last day of the retreat and banged out a whole bunch of blocks. I finished the rest of the blocks a week ago and finished putting the top together last Friday night.

I was able to trim or stretch all of the blocks to 12.25″ and almost everything seems to line up nicely. This is now at the longarmer to get finished so I can take it with me to the wedding.

All finished! #ds #dsq #vintagequiltrevival #501rotarycutblocks #sampler

I was able to squeeze in two last projects before I put my machine and fabric away for the next couple of months. The first is a 9″x12″ clutch / EPP pouch with several dividers inside. It’s made from Anna Maria Horner Ghost Wing linen and some black leather that I picked up on a shopping trip during MidAtlanticMod. This was my first time working with leather but it wasn’t as hard as I expected. I made the outside in a QAYG fashion with layers of canvas and batting. Then I made the lining and dividers. I interfaced the dividers using one layer of interfacing sandwiched between the fabric covers. I thought I would reduce bulk by not interfacing the actual lining but I think that was a mistake – it looks a little loose and not as smooth as I’d like, although I’m not sure my machine could have taken another layer of interfacing.

Eeking out one more project. AMH Ghost Wing linen, black leather QAYG pouch with 3 dividers and 2 slip pockets. 9"x12"

There are two dividers and two slip pockets for a total of 5 compartments. One slip pocket is for my tools, the other is for my papers. The first section holds all of my fabric. As I baste the shapes I plan to move them to the second section, and then as the shapes are sewn into flowers they will move to the third compartment.

I hope I follow through with this cherry-blossom inspired idea! If I do, it will be amazing.

All filled up!

The second project I finished was to make blocks and create a tutorial for the June round of my do. Good Stitches bee.

June block tutorial

Then it was time to pack up all my fabric and my machine and put them away so I’m not tempted to try using the machine before my shoulder is fully healed. (It’s too heavy for me to lift with one arm.)

Not sure there's enough fabric.... Bye bye til July. #honeststash #showmeyourstash #surgeryprep


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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

carlaWIP Wednesday – switching to hand-work
60 degree triangles

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Hi Nurture Circle! I’m getting this post out early as my surgery is scheduled for Friday and I’m not sure how much typing I’m going to be able to do for a while. Hopefully my recovery will be faster than I think it will be.

For June I’m asking for four 60 degree triangle blocks measuring 8.5″  tall if you have a flat-topped triangle ruler, or 8.75″ otherwise. These are measured from the base of the triangle to the tip of the triangle.

June block tutorial

Please send 2 pieced triangles in monochromatic jewel tones and 2 triangles cut from low volume fabrics. I’d prefer black and gray on white or cream for the low volumes but colors that coordinate with your blocks would be OK too.

First, let me show you how to trim using a triangle ruler. You’ll need a piece at least 8.5″ tall by approximately 10″ wide. My piece was closer to 9″ x 10″ so I had some space at the top of the ruler. If you cut at exactly 8.5″ the squared off tip will line up with the top of the strip.

June block tutorial

Line the ruler up with the bottom left corner and along the bottom. Trim off the sides and the tip (if applicable) and you’re done.

June block tutorial


Next let me show you how to trim if you have a 6.5″ x 24″ rule with 60 degree lines on it. This time since there won’t be a blunt tip you’ll need a piece 8.75″ tall by approximately 10″ wide.

June block tutorial


Line up the 60 degree line along the bottom of the piece, intersecting the bottom left corner. Cut off the left side of the fabric.



June block tutorial


Flip the ruler around and line up the other 60 degree line along the bottom, intersecting the point you created in step one at the top of the piece. Trim off the right side.


June block tutorial


For the purple piece I just pieced two strips together and then trimmed it to 8.75″ tall by 10″ wide. For the piece below I made a triangle log cabin.

First, start with a small 60 degree triangle, either cut using a triangle ruler (like I did) or the 60 degree lines on your ruler. Sew that to a larger strip that is wider than you think you need. We will be extending the 60 degree lines out to make a wider base for the small triangle.

June block tutorial


Using the 60 degree line along the bottom of your strip and matching the edges of the small triangle trim both sides to create a larger pyramid.

June block tutorial


Sew the pyramid to another strip, again larger than you think you need.

June block tutorial


Trim again, but don’t worry about how big the piece is. Just focus on the correct angles for now.

June block tutorial


If you don’t have a triangle ruler: Turn the piece and use the last seam that was sewn as a guide for the zero mark on your ruler. Line the point up with 8.75 and trim the excess off.

June block tutorial


If you have a triangle ruler: simply line up the angles, trim the excess, and trim the point off.

June block tutorial


You can also use this tutorial to create a more complex block. You should be able to “square” it up using the techniques above although it might be a bit easier if you have a triangle ruler to get the correct final size.

Here’s a quick sketch to give you an idea of what I’m going for:


Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see everyone’s contributions!


carlado. Good Stitches June Blocks and 60 Degree Triangle Tutorial

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I know I’ve been MIA lately but I don’t think that’s going to change much in the next couple of months. You may remember back in August I fell and hurt my wrist. Well, apparently at the time I also tore a ligament and a tendon in my rotator cuff in that same arm. The pain wasn’t as acute as the wrist so the true extent of the damage was masked by a cortisone shot. Once that shot wore off in early February I knew there was something wrong. My ortho and I went from discussing surgery on my wrist to discussing surgery on my shoulder very quickly. I ended up getting a cortisone shot in my wrist for the time being.

Surgery to repair my shoulder is scheduled for next Friday. I’m supposed to be able to return to work after 10 days, but the recovery will be slow. I won’t be able to reach up or out for 6-8 weeks, and I won’t be fully recovered for at least 4 months. The sewing machine is out of the question for at least a couple of months, as is the rotary cutter and iron.

In their stead I’ve been planning my entry for QuiltCon – an EPP hexie and 36 degree diamond flower pattern inspired by the flowering trees of DC – especially the cherry blossoms. I finished cutting all the fabric tonight, and it is all kitted up in my favorite storage method – ziploc bags:

Lots of options for my cherry blossom quilt! #handwork #epp #ihopeiactuallydothis

I made some time on Sunday to go to the National Arboretum to see all the different cultivars of flowering cherries. They were really beautiful and the day was gorgeous – 80 with a nice breeze and lots of sun.

I love how many shades of pink the cherry cultivars come in, from white and pale pink to fuchsia! I’m taking all of these shades into account for my project.








I also stopped by to see the Bonsai museum. I’m always fascinated by Bonsai – just incredible work. They had some trees in training since 1795!


Lastly I saw my other favorite installation – dwarf and slow-growing conifers (evergreen trees). I find them so interesting to look at – all the different shapes and sizes.



Also prior to surgery I’m pushing hard to get my sampler quilt top done and off to the longarmer. It is currently in rows and should be finished after one more good sewing session. Hopefully I’ll get that in tomorrow.

It is coming out really nicely, even if it is taking much longer than I anticipated. I went into MidAtlanticMod expecting to blow through the blocks in the first couple of days and leave with a finished top. How wrong I was. There was a lot of frustration and even some tears, but I managed to get through 26 additional blocks, bringing the total to 29. I finished the last 7 last weekend along with the setting squares. I put the rows together Monday night.

Here’s what I had after MidAtlanticMod:

#midatlanticmod was pretty productive. 26 new blocks makes 29/36 for my #sampler #dsq #ds

I have few things left on my “must sew before surgery” list but it is getting shorter:
* Finish the top
* Make a label
* Make the back
* Send everything to the quilter

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